How To Register

You must be registered to vote from your CURRENT address and with your CURRENT name to be qualified to vote a full ballot. Therefore, if you move or change your name you must re-register.

QUALIFICATIONS: To register to vote you must be:

             •  A citizen of the United States

             •  In general election cycles (even years) 17 year olds may register before, and vote in, the general primary election if they will be18 by the time of the next general election. In consolidated election cycles (odd years) the registrant must be 18 years old orolder by the time of the next election.

             •  A resident of your precinct for 30 days by the date of the election.

STUDENTS who are 17, but will be 18 on or before the election, must register to vote before the close of registration, even if not 18 before the close of registration, to vote in the upcoming election at the polls. The voter ID card will be held until your birthday. It is not necessary to have your voter's ID card for voting.

ON-LINE VOTER REGISTRATION: Illinois residents who have a authentic state ID or drivers license issued by the State of Illinois may now register to vote on-line at the following link:

IDENTIFICATION: Two forms of identification are required to register. One must include your present address. This can be a driver's license, library card, credit card, personal check, utility bill, mail addressed to you at your current address, etc.

OFFICE HOURS: The Rockford Board of Elections is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.

EXTENDED HOURS: During the 4-week period before the close of registration the Rockford Board of Elections is open Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon. For additional extended hours, go to the calendar on this website or call our office at 987-5750.


  • DRIVER'S LICENSE FACILITIES - you may register to vote the same time you apply for a Illinois driver's license.
  • Prior to the close of registration before each election, registrars will be at various places such as shopping centers, grocery stores, etc.   Notice of the times and places is published in the local newspaper or you may contact this office.

MAIL REGISTRATION: A mail-in voter registration application may be downloaded by clicking here . Print, complete and sign the form. Please note that identification showing current address and current name is required when registering by mail. If a copy of your identification is not mailed with your registration, you will be asked for current identification before voting.

CITIZENS WITH A DISABILITY: Currently the law states that a person registering by mail must vote in person the first time they vote in the jurisdiction, unless identification is mailed along with the registration application. Any citizen, who is not registered because of a permanent physical disability, cannot leave their residence and has no way of obtaining a copy of the required identification, may arrange for voter registration in their home with a deputy registrar by contacting the Rockford Board of Election Commissioners at (815) 987-5750. Voting may then be done by mail.

VOTER IDENTIFICATION CARD: Upon receipt and processing of a voter registration application, a voter identification card will be mailed. Please verify your name and address printed on the card. Note your polling place and the governmental districts for which you are entitled to vote.   If you do not have your voter ID card you may click here to determine your polling place. Be sure to enter the address from which you are registered.

A new Voter Identification Card is mailed every two (2) years and whenever a polling place is changed.  Be sure to keep the most current ID card received.

Registration is closed for the 27-day period preceding each election, except in person at the office of the Election Board for city of Rockford residents.(see Grace Period Voting on this web site)

Download an Illinois Voter Registration Application here.

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